Rumford police, fire departments respond to report of fallen telephone wire


RUMFORD — Police and firefighters responded Thursday evening to the report that a telephone wire had fallen on top of vehicles on River Street.

Sgt. Tracey Higley with the Rumford Police Department confirmed that the wire was not a live wire, and added that he was not sure how the wire was pulled down.

A firefighter with the Rumford Fire Department said that he also didn’t know how the wire was brought down, and that a Rumford woman, Amy Booney, was the only person to witness the incident.

Booney said that she was driving on River Street, which is a one-way street, when she saw a large flat-bed truck was driving down the road in the opposite direction.

“River Street is a one-way street, and I saw this guy kind of stop at the intersection, look a couple times, and then he started driving,” Booney said. “There’s a big ‘Do Not Enter’ sign in the intersection, so I don’t know how he didn’t know that it was a one-way street.”

Booney said the truck passed by on her left side, struck a low-hanging telephone wire and pulled it forward.

“It was like a giant elastic band,” Booney said. “He kept driving forward, slowed down a little, and then drove really fast, and the wire snapped,” Booney said. “The wire smacked on top of my car and landed on another car across the street. I started screaming and pulled over on the side of the road. I didn’t know if it was a live wire or not.”

Booney said she called Central Maine Power to let them know about the incident.

The incident remains under investigation.

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