Rumford to vote on building renovations


RUMFORD – Residents will have a chance on Monday to decide whether to raise $828,000 to bring the Municipal Building up to state life and safety codes.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in Muskie Auditorium of Mountain Valley High School.

Voters could raise more money or less.

Town Manager Stephen Eldridge said if people want to raise more money, two-thirds of those attending must approve a higher figure. If they want to raise less than the proposed figure, then a simple majority will pass the motion.

However, the $828,000 figure and construction and renovation plan meets the minimum requirements set forth by the Office of the State Fire Marshal

A representative from the fire marshal’s office told town officials that if the building is not brought up to code, the building will be closed.

Eldridge said Thursday that if residents approve a lower figure, then he will immediately meet with the architect, Jim Reuter of the Bethel firm of Smith Reuter Lull, to discuss what could be done with the amount of money approved.

Monday’s meeting asks voters to raise the money and to apply to the state bond bank for the funds. In June, they could decide to raise the approved funds through taxation, said Eldridge.

Among modifications that must be made according to the plan submitted to the Office of the State Fire Marshal are additional egresses from the main floor and auditorium, construction of fire walls on both floors, handicapped-accessible bathrooms and several minor safety changes.

Also on Monday, voters will be asked to approve sale by the town of a .03 acre parcel on Hancock Street to abutting neighbor John Lavorgna. A small part of a swimming pool and the fence enclosing it on Lavorgna’s property encroaches on town-owned land near Hosmer Field.

In a related article, residents will also be asked to approve selling tiny parcels of land to other landowners on Hancock Street who abut Hosmer Field, if necessary.