S. Beaulieu: Reading materials need approval


As a resident and taxpayer of Turner, but more importantly, a parent, I have deep concerns with Turner Tripp Middle School’s reading material that is available for educational use to young adolescent students.

In particular, I have strong concerns regarding the book “Bloodstream” by Tess Gerritsen. Its content includes descriptive details of teen violence, murder, a student shooting a teacher, harsh language, physical and sexual assaults, sexual suggestions between brother and stepsister, and medical procedures.

As a parent, I have high standards for a positive educational atmosphere in which I send my child to receive education. I strongly feel Tripp Middle School’s reading material needs more attention and pre-approval by administrators.

In accordance to SAD 52 policy when teaching controversial issues, speakers must be approved in advance by building administrators. I strongly feel a requirement should also be in effect for any reading material purchased with school allowances or personal funds from individual staff for use or availability to students . Along with being pre-approved by administrators, such material should be deemed age-appropriate if it is to be used in support of the state of Maine educational curriculum.

Such guidelines would bring awareness to all administrators of material being purchased for use in the school classrooms.

In my opinion, regardless of students’ backgrounds or social levels, content in Gerritsen’s book is not age-appropriate and does not provide any educational benefits to young students.

Shannon Beaulieu, Turner