S. Carnahan: Not a unified position


A troubling headline appeared in the Sun Journal on Feb. 17; troubling because it implied something that is just not true.

“Religious leaders united in birth control protest” implies that all religious leaders oppose the use of birth control. Religious leaders are not united in this matter, and they are certainly not united in opposition to the use of birth control.

From time to time it becomes necessary for progressive Christians like myself to remind the public that there are other positions. Many progressive Christians are supportive of women’s right to make reproductive choices.

Christians are also frequently portrayed in the media as being opposed to marriage equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-sexual persons. Again, this is not a unified Christian position.

The church, of which I am a pastor, has recently declared, officially and in writing, what has long been its practice: that we welcome all people into the full life of our church, including people of varying sexual orientations.

Therefore, it troubles me when certain positions, such as opposition to equality for all God’s children, or to responsible reproductive choices, are portrayed as “the Christian” point of view. I would encourage the Sun Journal to be careful about that.

The Christian point of view is this: that we are called to love God and to love one another. I certainly hope we are unified in that.

Stephen Carnahan, Turner

Pastor, High Street Congregational Church, Auburn