S. Luksza: Setting a bad precedent


The purpose of this letter is to make the taxpayers of Mechanic Falls aware of how irresponsibly residents’ dollars are spent.

Three Town Council members, Cathy Fifield, Wayne Hackett and Louie Annance, reinstated police officer Jim Daigle at the Oct. 6 meeting, despite the fact that he was fired for multiple accidents, on and off duty. He had previously left the Auburn Police Department for the same reasons.

At that meeting, citizens were not allowed to speak.

I strongly believe that Daigle is a huge liability for the town. Will Fifield, Hacket and Annance be willing to personally pay for the increase in insurance premium cost to cover his poor driving record?

Heaven forbid he injures anyone in the future.

What a bad precedent they have now set for the town.

Susan Laksza, Mechanic Falls

Editor’s note: During the Oct. 6 meeting, Jim Daigle offered to take a cut in pay to offset any insurance premium increase billed to the town.