S. Perkins: Keep Buckfield schools in RSU 10


I thank Maida Dobson for her efforts to continue the plan of a petition drive to allow Buckfield residents to reconsider their vote to withdraw from RSU 10.

I was very surprised by the selectmen’s vote (2-1) against allowing residents to reconsider. It might be explained by one of the selectmen saying that the plan to leave RSU 10 would not gain a two-thirds majority.

Superintendent Craig King has been quick to provide all requested information.

I have attended all meetings of the Withdrawal Committee because of my fear that Buckfield would lose at least the high school, either immediately, through a tuition plan, or in a few years when the same people who brought the original withdrawal petition will declare that a small school is not financially sustainable.

I think that the best chance of keeping our schools is to continue as a member of RSU 10.

Sandra Perkins, Buckfield