Sabattus charter work continues


SABATTUS – The Sabattus Charter Commission is still accepting public input and comments in its effort to create a charter that will help guide the town’s governmental policies and procedures for many years to come.

The commission has been meeting for three months. In that time a survey was formed and made available to the residents, asking what form of government was desired. The results showed, among other things, that 70 percent of the residents wanted to maintain the traditional town meeting, and 62 percent said they would like to see a town manager added to work with the current five-member Board of Selectmen.

Other things the commission has looked at are moving the date of town elections from March to coincide with the state/federal election in November; creating a legal recall ordinance for town officials, eligibility standards for town officials, and a standard annual date for the town meeting, most likely the first weekend in June.

Anyone interested in attending a Charter Commission meeting is encouraged to do so. The meetings are held upstairs in the town hall on the first Wednesday and the third Thursday of every month, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The commission is hoping to have the completed charter ready for voter approval at the November election.

For more information, contact Jon Mennealy at 375-1805, or visit the Charter Commission web page at