Sabattus man found dead in parked car


SABATTUS — Police responding to a “well-being check” for a man living out of his car Monday night found Daniel Dennis, 61, deceased in the rear seat of his car parked in front of his family’s home on Depot Street, according to a police statement.

The caller who requested the check told police that his friend Dennis had been parked on Depot Street, living in his car, according to Police Chief Gary Baillargeon.

Dennis’ friends and family told police he had some serious medical issues and had refused to go to a homeless shelter or to receive assistance. They said he would rather live in his vehicle.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is investigating Dennis’ death to determine the exact cause, Sabattus police reported.

  • Marilyn Aston

    This is a sad thing to happen to anyone. And we need more resources to be able to supply people with some type of housing. I cannot understand why people in his family did not make him come in. God Bless him and he rest in peace.

    • Tammy Emond Sutton

      I hate to inform U but his family which includes me his niece had tried EVERYTHING 2 help, U can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help himself, Case closed…

      • Marilyn Aston

        I was not being rude I was asking. I know some are set in their ways and sometime mental health issues are involved. I really want u to know I did not mean it the way you took it. I meant we need more services for those in need.

  • Jennifer Sutton

    we did everthing we could so plz stop being rude it happend yes we all hate it but things happend we all did our best i tryed and i love him so much he is my uncle and i love hi