Sabattus taxpayers must decide


This is in response to Diane Tardy’s letter titled “We need to support schools,” (May 13).

Concerning Rep. Scott Lansley, it couldn’t be further from the truth that Rep. Lansley doesn’t support education or the children in the community. He has been able to obtain more funding for our schools than the state was going to provide, and he was most recently the volunteer basketball director for the Sabattus Rec Club.

Any time I have had a question regarding our town or sports clubs, he has always taken my phone calls. He has always been candid and honest with his responses. If he didn’t have the answer at the time, he made a concerted effort to get the answer and always called me back.

Why are Tardy and the school board making Rep. Lansley the issue and not the budget? The reason I say that is because she doesn’t answer the question as to why the board needs $363,000 over the recommended EPS funding.

My concern is that the high school budget has increased 18 percent in two years. When I did a Web comparison between Sabattus and 17 area schools, Sabattus was 18th out of 18 in reading proficiency and 17th out of 18 in math proficiency. Are we just throwing good money after bad?

Sabattus taxpayers must attend the town meeting Saturday to decide for themselves.

Patrick Madden, Sabattus