SAD 39 expels two students


BUCKFIELD – The SAD 39 board voted unanimously Wednesday to expel two middle school students.

One expulsion fell under the Student Discipline Policy, because the student had more than 10 days of suspensions due to extreme behavior.

The other expulsion fell under the Student Substance Use and Abuse Policy.

A copy of the policy was distributed to students and parents at the beginning of the school year. Copies also are are on the district’s Web site at One student was in the seventh grade and one was a ninth-grader.

The board will next take up the budget at its May 10 meeting. The budget is expected to impact the towns of Sumner, Hartford and Buckfield with a considerable increase. Based on preliminary figures, Sumner’s increase will be 18 percent over last year. Hartford is projected to see a 17 percent increase and Buckfield a 13 percent increase.