SAD 52 Adult Ed offers variety of classes


TURNER — Winter/spring academic classes for SAD 52 residents of Greene, Leeds and Turner will get under way the week of Feb. 6.

Anatomy and Physiology with Lab: Essential principles of A&P will be presented, including cell and tissue studies and an overview of the body systems.

Biology with Lab: Receive one credit while studying various life processes, including plant and animal cells, classification of organisms and how life has adapted to different environments.

Mechanics of English: In the college prep class, the different aspects of English will be discussed. Topics include sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation and how to write effective paragraphs.

Chemistry with Lab: Learn the basics of chemistry in the hands-on class. Topics include converting units, learning about acids an d bases, pH, density and other CSI-inspired chemistry.

World History: The one-credit course covers major events from various countries around the world.


Physics with Lab: A one-credit science course that does not require advanced math skills. Topics will include mechanics, heat, electricity, magnetism, wave motion and sound.

To enroll, make an appointment by calling 225-3478.