Safety grants increases police details


DIXFIELD — Extra police patrols to check for safety belt use, drunken drivers and speeders will be paid for with a $13,332 grant to the Dixfield Police Department.

Sgt. Jeffrey Howe said the funds are from federal and state public safety agencies.

Beginning May 24 and going through June 6, special police details will check daily for safety belt use. Then, on July 1 through Aug. 19, four random details and three roadblocks will done to check for drivers operating under the influence.

“We already have double the number of OUI arrests this year over all of last year,” Howe said. “When the economy goes down, the number is usually higher.”

From June 1 through Labor Day in September, special police patrols will be done two or three times a week looking for speeders.

This is the first year the department has received a combined grant for all three safety checks. In the past, the department had to apply separately for each.


The department’s 24/7 police patrols will continue as usual.

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