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V for Vendetta

The story consists of a young woman named Evey who is caught in a life or death situation and is rescued by a man named V. V is someone who has been plotting terrorist attacks to fight against his totalitarian society. After rescuing this girl he finds that he might have found someone as an ally.

Pat Hudson


“I loved how the movie portrayed that people can’t be followers. It really showed that you can’t always believe what you’re told. It had good mystery and fight scenes. It also had an interesting love plot.” 5 stars

William Mayo


“Best movie of our generation hands down! It pulled together metaphors of current and circumstantial times.” 5 stars

Pete Patenaude


“I liked how V, the main character, was portrayed as a terrorist but also a hero.” 5 stars

Ali Kirschner


“It was an intelligent person’s movie and film. I appreciated the metaphors.” 4 stars

Overall Rating: 4.75 stars