Samson faces sentencing on sex-related charges


AUBURN – The Lewiston man convicted earlier this year of more than a dozen sex-related crimes involving children is set to be sentenced next month.

Raymond Samson, 54, is due in Androscoggin County Superior Court on May 12. He faces a maximum of more than 70 years in prison.

A jury found Samson guilty on all 18 counts in January after deliberating about nine hours. Prosecutors took three days to present their case. The defense offered no witnesses or evidence. Samson declined to testify.

Victims testified that over several years Samson lured the teens to his Webster Street home, plying them with toys, games, a swimming pool and alcohol. They said he had them undress for photographs, touched their private parts and, in some cases, had oral sex.

Samson’s lawyer, Leonard Sharon, explained his client’s behavior as that of a sad drunk who opened his home to kids. They took advantage of his generosity and pinned the blame on him for their deeds when they got caught, Sharon told jurors.

Sharon said Samson expects to appeal his convictions. According to Sharon, the Androscoggin County Superior Court judge erred when she allowed evidence at trial from an improper search of Samson’s apartment. The trial also should have been divided into six trials, one for each of the victims, he said.