Sand/salt shed plans questioned at Peru


PERU – Selectman Dennis Thibodeau informed the board that the state will not reimburse the town for the sand and salt shed building until the work is done.

Thibodeau said he had spoken to state Department of Transportation Director of Community Service Peter Caughlin this week and learned that the reimbursement would not come until the building was complete and the old sand pile had been moved.

Thibodeau also said that the state only reimburses 41 percent of the building. This does not include site preparation. The site Peru has for the facility is not level and needs considerable preparation such as removing ledge and adding fill.

Selectman Andre St. Pierre expressed concern that when the townspeople voted for the shed to be built they did not realize that they would not be reimbursed a percentage of the entire $300,000 amount approved. Selectmen also were not aware of this. St. Pierre said he didn’t feel they could proceed without notifying residents.

The contract has been signed and Chairman Bill Hine said the people were aware that reimbursement might be years coming, if at all. He asked secretary Kathy Hussey to check with the Maine Municipal Association to see if the town could proceed with the work that is due to begin in three weeks.

An abatement was granted for Terry Newton for a camper that was older than indicated on the tax bill. This brought comments from Hussey as well as Town Clerk Vera Parent that campers were a real headache.

Many camper owners don’t realize they must get a permit for any structure adjacent to their camper.

The board will not meet on May 29 due to Memorial Day observance.

The SAD 21 budget hearing is scheduled for 6:30 tonight at the Dirigo High School and the vote on the budget will be on May 30.

Selectman Rodney Jamison voiced a concern about the town office but wanted a full board present before discussing the matter. One selectman was missing. Hine suggested he go ahead with his issue. Jamison said that 10 years ago the office operated with one person and he wants to save the town money by getting back to one in the office.

Hine said one concern was the safety factor of having two people in the office.

Town Clerk Vera Parent said 10 years ago the office was not responsible for as many things as it is today. She said people have more vehicles, there are more snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, plus the fishing permits and the like. She said they are very busy.

Hine asked the board for other opinions and St. Pierre said he had some but would wait for the full board.

Thibodeau said the other selectman had held an illegal executive session without he and Jamison present when they gave Hussey her review. Hine received no answer from either man when he asked if they should have the review again.