Sandy River near its crest


FARMINGTON — Ebbing closer and closer to Front Street, high waters spreading out from the Sandy River raised concerns Wednesday morning about the parking lot off Front Street owned by the University of Maine Farmington, said Sylvia Yeaton, special projects coordinator for the Franklin County Emergency Management office.

“It was still contained and had not come up to the parking lot,” she said, about her morning check on the lot that was built up a few years ago after student cars were flooded. University police closed the parking lot and continued to check on it during the day as water came within feet of the driveway.

The George Thomas Road between Farmington Falls and New Sharon was closed Wednesday around the area of the bridge, said Tim Hardy, EMA director, later in the afternoon. A portion of Route 41 known as the Crowell Pond Road between Farmington Falls and Vienna was down to one lane of traffic by mid-morning as water edged across part of the road.

Temple Stream stayed within its banks and the view from the Fairbanks bridge was high but not really any higher than other times of high water, Yeaton said. The office had not heard of any problems north of Farmington or south around the Jay area.

The Sandy River was expected to crest by late afternoon although the waters may remain high for a few days due to snow melting from the mountains around Rangeley, Hardy said.

The good news, the rain stopped around noon in Farmington … at least for a while. Unlike the spring of 1987, no major flooding is expected on April Fool’s Day this year.


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