Save the saviors


Since there has been such negative news about parking lot rescue dogs (May 27), I’d like to share a positive story. My husband and I adopted a dog through Almost Home Rescue of Maine last August.

It was the best thing we have ever done.

We searched for weeks trying to find the breed we wanted, a German shepherd. Finally we found King, a 2-year-old German shepherd mix in Arkansas. So we contacted Almost Home Rescue.

One Saturday afternoon, we met in Saco and had a new member of our family! King, now named Spike, has become our baby. We took him to the veternarian that week. She could not believe how healthy he was, with all his vaccines up to date. Since we adopted Spike he has been healthy, happy, and spoiled. I can’t imagine life without him. If my husband and I decide to adopt again, we would adopt through Almost Home in a second.

I hope the proposed quarantine rules are not approved. If they are, it will take away the opportunity for so many people to find the happiness that only an animal can bring. Almost Home Rescue is a legitimate operation.

By passing the quarantine legislation, innocent dogs would be the ones to pay. Mainers wouldn’t have the opportunity to save them. Please don’t take away the opportunity for fellow Mainers to find the happiness and joy my husband have found with our boy.

Jeff and Sandy Fuller, Appleton