Save us from fundamentalists


The multi-national corporations outsource our jobs to slavishly low wage countries and quietly favor illegal immigration that drives wages down. This corporatocracy has pushed U.S. foreign policies that got progressive leaders assassinated, to put dictators in place, to keep wages in these countries extremely low. Remember Allende in Chile? He’s just one example.

The “magic of the Marketplace” crowd needs to get real. It was FDR’s New Deal and the unions that turned the working class into the middle class. Higher wages, Social Security, the 40 hour work week and paid vacations were just some innovations right wing Republicans opposed. Currently, it seems like the Republican corporatocracy wants to destroy the middle class. Are they too stupid to realize they are cutting their customer base?

More facts: While dealing with earthquakes, forest fires, ending genocide in Bosnia, etc., Clinton also paid down the federal deficit. He balanced the budget. He left a surplus that could have been used to fix future Social Security problems had Bush not squandered it. But Bush chose to give huge tax breaks to the super rich, while rushing us into the probably avoidable non-9/11 war in Iraq.

Both economic and religious right wing fundamentalists are hurting America. Democrats, liberals, progressives, we all get criticized for getting angry at the neo-con artists. Well, I love my country. Save it from the fundamentalists – vote Democrat.

Gail Richardson, Lewiston