Saving the environment


Richard Jennings’ letter, “There is no silver bullet” (May 1), is a letter more people need to read and understand.

His reaction to “possible” global warming is the right one. Steps must be taken now toward the use of all non-fossil fuels (I’m withholding my opinion of nuclear).

If, somehow, it is found that all the climatic occurrences are purely cyclical, rather than “man-made,” wouldn’t that be all right? However, the other way around could be catastrophic β€” to do nothing, or relatively little, and then discover that there is nothing that could be done to turn things around.

It is true that most people like to keep things “the way they were.” In the present economic climate, wouldn’t it make sense to see that there is employment potential in alternative energies? I’m unemployed with two degrees. I would gladly take a job doing something (anything) that would help “save the environment.”

Marsha Dawson, Richmond