Saving the family farm


This letter is in regard to Robert Boothby’s letter (Jan. 17) on our race track in Livermore We’d like to clarify a few points.

The Livermore Planning Board worked hard to research the laws before making a decision. We had a 20-page report done to satisfy state and town laws. We all would like to change laws to benefit a few, but that’s not how America works.

Boothby didn’t mention he is a real estate agent, working for a large chain. We believe that if we were willing to turn over our farmland to him to develop, he would quickly become very friendly.

We’re trying as a family farm to prevent happening to us, what is happening across the country: small family farms being sold off to be developed for large profits.

Ironically, the closest neighbors to the race track are supporters of ours. Could it be because they see the benefit of six or eight days a year of noise to be preferable to 365 days a year of new houses popping up everywhere?

David and Jill Lovewell, Livermore