School kicks tick problem


MINOT – A problem with wood ticks on the Minot Consolidated School playground was taken care of without having to resort to pesticides, Director of Operations Gordon Murray told the School Committee this week.

Murray was called in after several students complained that they had picked up wood ticks behind the school.

“With the help of our pest control contractor, we were able to find the source and eliminate it without the use of some very expensive pesticides and down time to the play area,” Murray said in his report.

Murray thanked Road Manager Arlan Saunders and his crew for promptly removing a tree and some small bushes by the edge of the grass, which, as complaints have withered away, seemed to have been the source of the problem.

Murray also reported that Schiavi Leasing Corp. has awarded all bids for installing the new modular classroom unit to his subcontractors and that he expects to see work begin as early as next week.

The 28- by 68-foot addition will be about 30 feet directly behind the gymnasium.

Discussion of forming a committee to study space needs at the school ended on the note that it might be best to hold off formal exploration until the effects of the new modular on space use becomes clear.

Chairman Lisa Sabatine was charged with contacting Town Administrator Rhonda Irish and reporting back at the June meeting on the town’s interest in the space needs study.

In other business, the School Committee approved contracts with the school support staff, approved extending Principal Margaret Pitts’ contract for two years to June 2008, and hired Jennifer Gagnon as computer teacher/technology facilitator.

The committee also agreed that members won’t meet in July and, should need arise to hire new personnel during the summer, empowered Superintendent Nina Schlikin to issue anticipation-of-hire letters to suitable candidates.

The date for the annual eighth-grade celebration was set for 7 p.m. on June 16 in the school gymnasium; the last day of school for the rest of the student body is June 19.