School system being targeted


I find it very interesting that since the news of the property tax hikes in Auburn, due to the revaluation, hit the general public, taxpayer groups wanting more access and decision-making power started forming.

We all have access through our elected officials. I learned that many years ago when I was young man in school from a teacher named Mrs. Newsome. I learned the math that allows me to understand the proposed hike from Mrs. Greenlee. I learned the skills necessary to effectively communicate my position and support my opinions respectfully from Mrs. Jones. I learned how to gather previously written information from Mrs. Brown so that I could better prepare myself for when I share my opinions with others. My love of science was inspired by Mrs. Cooper.

Based in no small part on the efforts of many teachers, support staff and administrators, I am a viable, tax-paying member of my community.

The taxpayer groups are narrowly focusing on schools. By granting these groups greater-than-normal access, politically very shrewd, the City Council may have shifted the spotlight elsewhere, but this will ultimately hurt Auburn.

My mother-in-law sums it up: Divide your yearly tax bill by 52 weeks and you’ll find out what it costs to have trash removal, police and fire protection, paved and safe roads, parks, recreation – and to have the children of Auburn educated.

Todd Mogul, Lewiston