School takes first overall at convention


LISBON FALLS – The Lisbon Falls Christian Academy was awarded first place overall at the Accelerated Christian Education Northeast Regional Student Convention in Schroon Lake, N.Y. In addition to being top overall, the school earned first place in the platform and exhibits divisions and second in the music division.

More than 300 students from New York and New England competed in the areas of academics, music, platform, exhibits and athletics. Students were awarded individual medals for the first six places.

First-place awards: short story writing, Mary Ganong; Web site design, Seth Costanzo; colored pencils, Megan Boucher; black and white photo scenic, Joshua Roberts; color photo character trait, Mary Ganong; coat/suits, Elizabeth Reynolds; boys 1,600-meter run, Matthew DeGroft; male duet, Brandon Craig and Mike Hilton; male trio, Brandon Craig, Mike Hilton and Derek Roberts.

Also, illustrated story telling, Alyssa Boucher; radio program, Alyssa Boucher, Brandon Craig, Mary Ganong, Mike Hilton and Joshua Roberts; scripture video, Joshua Coombs, Bridgett Costanzo, Erin Costanzo, Seth Costanzo and Joshua Roberts; girls volleyball.

Second-place awards: sketching, Derek Roberts; pen and ink, Megan Boucher; colored pencils, Ashley Latouche; black and white photo still life, Joshua Roberts; color photo still life, Derek Roberts; quilts, Elizabeth Reynolds; boys 1,600-meter relay, Matthew DeGroft, Robbie Miles, Derek Roberts and Joshua Roberts.

Also, girls archery, Bridgett Costanzo; male solo, Mike Hilton; piano duet, Alyssa Boucher and Mary Ganong; expressive reading, Nathan Colson; expressive reading, Megan Boucher; dramatic dialogue, Robbie Miles and Derek Roberts; clown act, Joshua Roberts; large ensemble.

Third-place awards: oil painting, Alyssa Boucher; pen and ink, Erin Costanzo; black and white photo scenic, Derek Roberts; color photo-computer, Robert Riggs; quilts, Mary Ganong; girls 800-meter run, Megan Boucher.

Also, girls 1,600-meter relay, Megan Boucher, Erin Costanzo, Alexandra Moulton and Amanda Stevens; boys archery, Patrick Veilleux; male solo, Brandon Craig; poetry recitation, Robbie Miles; communication and potential leadership, Mary Ganong.

Fourth-place awards: sketching, Matthew DeGroft; black and white photo scenic, Alexandra Moulton; boys 800-meter run, Derek Roberts; girls 400-meter dash, Amanda Stevens; running long jump, Matthew DeGroft; boys tennis, Jordan Latouche; mixed duet, Mike Hilton and Elizabeth Reynolds; mixed trio, Mary Ganong, Mike Hilton and Derek Roberts; miscellaneous solo, Mike Hilton; instrumental duet, Bridgett Costanzo and Erin Costanzo; dramatic dialogue, Megan Boucher and Brandon Craig; radio program, Bridgett Costanzo, Erin Costanzo, Jordan Latouche and Robert Riggs.

Fifth-place awards: short story writing, Elizabeth Reynolds; sketching, Robbie Miles; colored pencils, Joshua Roberts; running long jump, Robbie Miles; mixed duet, Ashley Latouche and Jordan Latouche; poetry recitation, Alexandra Moulton; radio program, Nathan Colson, Joshua Coombs, Matthew DeGroft, Elizabeth Reynolds and Derek Roberts.

Sixth-place awards: spelling, Alyssa Boucher; poetry writing, Elizabeth Reynolds; sketching, Nathan Colson; pen and ink, Joshua Coombs; black and white photo character trait, Joshua Roberts; color photo plant/animals, Megan Boucher; mixed quartet, Matthew DeGroft, Mary Ganong, Derek Roberts and Joshua Roberts; dramatic dialogue, Mary Ganong and Mike Hilton.