Schools honor junior volunteers


LISBON – The Junior Volunteers from Lisbon Community School and from Philip W. Sugg Middle School were honored during assemblies.

Students were recognized for a year of assisting with projects in the Lisbon School Department. Close to 100 students from grades five through eight participated in the program.

Students volunteered during recess or after school as book buddies for younger students, assisted with the drama, music and art programs, covered local school events for the school newspapers, babysitting for PTO events and other projects benefiting the student community.

Many of the students were inspired by their parent and grandparents who are part of the force of more than 400 adult volunteers in Lisbon.

“The Junior Volunteer Program models the program we offer adult volunteers at Lisbon Community School, Philip W. Sugg Middle School and Lisbon High School The junior program is designed to offer a volunteer experience within the school during approved times by teachers and parents,” said Community Resource and Volunteer Coordinator Monica Millhime.

She said, “All students in the program must maintain good grades, homework assignments, exhibit good citizenship values, follow the guidelines put forth by the volunteer program, maintain an accurate record of areas of assistance and time allotted to each assignment.”

Six students were awarded the President’s National Volunteer Service Award.

Nikkole Gardner and Holly Hogan, students at Philip W. Sugg, and Brittany Roldan, a student at Lisbon Community School, were presented the gold award for more than 100 hours of service; Paula Caron, and Chris Castrence from Lisbon Community School were presented the silver award for more than 75 hours; and Adam Thebeau Jr. from Philip W. Sugg, was presented the bronze award for more than 50 hours of service throughout the school year.

Roxanne Bineau, Sam Goldsberry, Lindsey Whitney, Samantha Coffin, Megan Craig, Alex Cory, Virginia Wilson and Stephanie Norwood, middle school students, received certificates of participation.

Students from Lisbon Community School receiving certificates of participation were Patrick Adams, Kenneth Allisot, Dustin Ambrose, Chelsea Anoe, Alex Bennett, Ashley Breton, Mariah Breton, Olivia Bulgin, Dylan Busler, Miranda Carroll, Kristen Carter, Trey Casler, Erik Chapman, Luci Cherest, Jennifer Clifford, Kia Coffin, Austin Collar, Nick Corey, Brittany Couillard, Minarva Craig, Sarah Craig, Zach Cribbin, Bailey Cutler.

Also, Tyler Daly, Andrea Danforth, Cody Davis, Lily Dearing, Kaitlyn Doustou, Tiffany Durgin, Leigha Edmands, Nichole Fletcher, Dakota Foster, Katelyn Fowler, Kayla Fowler, Bailey Galipeau, Paige Galligan, Andrew Gamache, Leah Goldsberry, Colby Haley, Allanah Harkins, Chelsey Harrington, Calla Harris, Elyssa Hubert.

Also, Meridith Huntington, Marcus Huot, Chelsea Huston, Roger Jama, Brenden Jasper, Nichole Jones, Nichole Jones, Hanna Jordan, DJ Judd, Michael Kane, Lacy Lyons, Shantal MacWhinnie, Elliot Manacol, April McKay, Kyle Michaud, Cameron Mulligan, Zoe Mullen, Delanie Ouellette, Gabby Ouellette, Caitlyn Owens, Dalton Palmer, Colby Perron.

Also, Dillion Poole, Deziray Pyrdeck, Cam Ramich, Haley Ridley, Ryan Robitaille, Jenny Runyon, James Schafer, Jennifer Smith, Paul Smith, Stefan Smith, Emily Stevens, Ashlee Stone, Bryanna Sult, Brandi-Jo Storman, Lacey Thomsen, Quincy Thomson, Chelsie Wheelden, Brett Williams, Kristina Williams and Miranda Yanez.