Scouts stencil storm drains


SABATTUS – Boy Scout Troop 110 stenciled 52 storm drains with “Keep It Clean – Drains to River” on June 21 in an effort to educate the public and raise awareness regarding storm water and runoff.

The Scouts said it is a misconception that storm water, which is rain that does not soak into the ground, is treated at the local wastewater treatment plant, but, in fact, it is not treated. What goes in the drain comes out in the lake.

Storm water runoff can consist of oil, gasoline, chemicals and litter as well as sediment and organic matter, such as leaves and lawn clippings. The overload of pollutants has a negative impact on aquatic life and the overall aesthetic nature and recreational appeal of the water.

Storm drain stenciling is a nationwide awareness initiative arising from the result of new storm water regulations. Recently, 28 communities in Maine have become subject to the Phase II Storm Water Regulatory Program, which regulates storm discharge from small municipalities.

Part of the regulation requires the use of public education to raise awareness concerning storm water pollution while promoting ways the public can help reduce it.

Sabattus is subject to the new regulation. Not only is storm drain stenciling helping to fulfill the requirements of the regulation, it is also providing the opportunity for students to become involved in their community and to demonstrate environmental stewardship.

For additional information, contact Christine Rinehart, Aquarion Engineering Services, at 828-1272, ext. 19. Visit for more information on storm water and keeping Maine waters clean.

Project coordinator was Tracy Fabrizio, town administrator. Taking part in the project were Rani Allard, tax collector; Amy Duquette, Office Clerk II; Gino Camardese, selectman; John Hyde, public works road foreman; public works truck driver/laborers, Jeff Fortier, Matt Gaydos, Davide Pinard, Tim Pinard, heavy equipment operator; Dan Pruett, Scout Master of Troop 110; Boy Scouts, Markus Hall, Ian Buffard, Corey Wilson and Chris Wilson.