Seat-belt law unfair


I believe the seat-belt law and other laws are unfair to automobile drivers, in comparison to motorcyclists.

Recently, during very hot weather I was forced, by law, to wear a seat belt while I saw a lot of motorcyclists riding in comfort.

Isn’t this more dangerous for a motorcyclist, without any kind of restraint, than a car driver strapped into a hot car?

Using the seat belt should be my choice, not a law.

Motorcyclists don’t even have to wear a helmet. Why should I have to suffer in the heat with a seat belt?

Another thing is the noise issue.

If my car had a loud exhaust, I could be stopped and forced to fix it (at big expense) or be fined. Yet a motorcycle exhaust can be so loud it hurts the ears, and nothing is done about that.

If the state is so concerned about safety and noise issues, it should, at least, be fair about it.

I have nothing against motorcyclists. They have rights guaranteed by passing the required tests. I just believe that state laws should be fair.

If state officials are so worried about safety, they should impose a helmet law.

It should be my choice whether I want to wear a seat belt. I am safer in an enclosed car or truck without a seat belt than a motorcyclist without at least a helmet on.

It should be my choice.

Stanley Smith, Norway

Editor’s note: According to the Maine DOT Web site, most states, including Maine, have a law that prohibits operating a motor vehicle on a public highway without a serviceable muffler (MRSA 29-A 1912).