Seat-belt patrols out in Farmington


FARMINGTON — Farmington Police Department are joining other Maine departments in Click It or Ticket seat-belt enforcement from May 24 to June 6 to help reduce crash deaths, Sgt. Shane Cote said.

“Local motorists should be prepared for stepped up Click It or Ticket activities that will take place around the clock. If law enforcement finds you on the road unbuckled anytime or anywhere, you can expect to get a ticket — not a warning. No excuses and no exceptions,” he said.

In Maine the number of unbelted deaths at night was 41 compared to 42 who died unbelted during the day. In Franklin County, records indicate one unbelted death at night and one during the day.

“Nighttime drivers and passengers continue to be among those least likely to wear seat belts,” Cote said. “Consequently, they are also among those most likely to die in motor vehicle crashes.”