Section 8 should increase


With the housing cost going up in the area and local rents on the rise due to heating costs, why isn’t the ceiling cost on Section 8 certificates being raised, as well?

In order for a person to live comfortably on what the federal government is offering for Section 8 certificate holders, it almost seems that the federal government would have to raise the cost of value allowed Section 8 holders. After all, they have to keep up with the economy and the needs of all people of the United States.

I have contacted Sen. Snowe and Sen. Collins, and Congressman Mike Michaud in regard to this matter. The local landlords I have recently spoken with have told me they will no longer accept any Section 8 certificate holders, as the government will not raise the allowance for Section 8 holders to keep up with the local market value of rents.

Something needs to be done in regard to this matter.

Bruce Wotton, Lewiston