Security cameras, portable toilets for Hosmer Field


RUMFORD — As a result of criminal mischief this summer, security cameras and portable toilets will be added to the Hosmer Field Complex.

The Rumford Parks Commission met Monday night to discuss security measures and how to deal with the repairs of the bathrooms at the football field damaged in a July 24 arson.

Parks Superintendent Mike Mills said all damage estimates are not in, but just cleaning the bathrooms will cost between $5,000 and $6,000.

“I still have to send out bids for the removal of the ceiling, the sanding and painting of the walls, and replacement of two of the urinals that were stove up,” he said. It could cost an estimated $20,000 to repair and replace the fixtures, he said.

Mills said because the work will take a while, they’re going to need to get portable toilets for the area around the track this fall.

Rick White said perhaps the vandalism to the bathroom “is a blessing in disguise. Is there a chance for us to remodel that and make it more updated and better than it was? We’re spending $5,000 or $6,000 to clean it. We’re going to spend another couple thousand for fixtures. I think it needs a lot of work.”

He suggested demolishing the bathroom and building a new one.

“We’re less than four weeks away from football season,” Dan Richard said.

White said everything in those bathrooms is “original stuff.”

Chris Brennick added, “That was outdated when I was in middle school.”

“We have one place you can actually sit down on the men’s side, and I don’t know how many on the women’s side,” White said.

“It’s just as ’50s-looking as the men’s side,” Mills replied.

“We’ve got one bathroom for a thousand people,” Richard said.

“Is it possible to use the existing building and just revamp the stalls?” Richard asked. “The building itself is structurally fine.”

Mills agreed. “We don’t have to hurry on this. There’s been nothing done to it for years.”

“I say let’s bring in five port-a-potties, and place them around the field. Have one handicapped Porta-Potty and that will be good for the fall,” White said.

Regarding the current bathroom, Richard said he would volunteer to help do the cleanup work, with the money for cleanup going toward upgrading the facility.

Mills said portable toilets cost about $120 per month but the more that are rented, the lower the monthly cost of each.

Regarding security, Mills said he purchased four “very high-resolution” cameras Friday.

“They’re the only ones on the market that will trigger at 150 feet and goes 9 feet wide for an angle, and there’s no red light (to be seen) at nighttime,” he said.

They will be installed this week. Mills said the cameras “will cover the main gate, the concession booth, one down by these bathrooms, and one down by the picnic area because there’s four-wheelers coming across the river and they get up where the picnic is.”

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