Seems like yesterday


What a delightful surprise to be remembered in the “25 years ago, 1985” item in the May 12 Sun Journal. Has it really been that long ago? It seems like only yesterday I was on WRXV.

I am flattered that so many people called to tell me about the item. I made a good many friends along the airwaves, and quite often people ask if I still have my record collection and if I have a certain recording.

I am not as young as I used to be and, as the years pass, I feel sad that older people can no longer hear the songs or artists they enjoyed in their younger days.

I lament the passing of AM radio. You put it so well by quoting my statement that AM radio is a friend in the home. As a youngster on my dad’s retail bread route on country roads, the radios in homes were always turned on, and people were listening to the news, music, soap operas.

While on local radio, I enjoyed telling of church affairs and suppers to benefit projects in need. We lived in a different time and less hectic pace compared to today.

Do I miss playing records for people? Of course I do. I was never paid for my work on radio, but the calls of gratitude for playing requests were more than enough. I had fun and my listeners knew it.

My very best to all who remember what fun we all enjoyed on radio.

Fred Goldrup, Lewiston