Selectmen move to clean up Waterman property


SUMNER — Responding to complaints from neighbors, the Board of Selectmen decided Tuesday night to take steps to have the Waterman property at 30 Front St. cleared of junk.

Last August, Fire Chief Robert Stewart suggested that selectmen condemn and remove the house because it was a health and safety hazard.

The house was occupied by Duane Waterman and his family before he was convicted last summer of two murders and given two life sentences in prison.

Code Enforcement Officer Sidney Abbott said the board should go to Waterman or his parents before taking any action.

Selectman Mark Silber said they should give the parents an ultimatum to clean up the site or the town would do it at their expense, and if taxes aren’t paid, take ownership of the property.

 Board secretary Cyndy Norton was asked to check the deed to see who owns the property and check with Maine Municipal Association on their rights, then selectmen will review the issue at another meeting.


 Town Clerk Susan Runes said neighbors are complaining about the mess on the property.

Selectman Mary Ann Haxton said they should get a bid on cleaning it up and have that information for the Watermans.

In other business Tuesday, Road Commissioner Jim Keach said a the guardrail by the Pam Farrar house on Bonney Road has been installed. A driver took out the guardrail and hit the house.

Keach said town roads had less than $1,000 damage from March rains so the town doesn’t qualify for any disaster funds. He said someone took out a culvert on River Road and left it on top of the road.

 The board was informed of the seniors over 60 food program that will begin April 14. The program is sponsored by the Oxford County Extension Service. Anyone with an monthly salary of less than $1,174 may be able to qualify. For more information, call 1-800-287-1482.

 The house at 258 Barrows Road will be put out to bid again for back taxes, which total $3,000. There is no water and no septic and there is less than a quarter acre of land.

 The Town Office will be closed May 1 because the roof is being replaced beginning at 7 a.m.