Sen. Clinton reveals her iPod playlist


NEW YORK (AP) – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has joined the iPod generation.

Motown tunes, classical music and the Rolling Stones are all on Clinton’s iPod playlist, she told the New York Post for Monday editions.

“I’ve got everything – a total smorgasbord,” Clinton said.

Songs from the 58-year-old senator’s youth figure heavily in the selection of about 1,000 songs, said Clinton, calling herself “a child of the ’60s and ’70s.”

The mix includes Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” and “Take it to the Limit” by The Eagles, she said.

Clinton, a possible presidential candidate in 2008 who is running for re-election to the Senate this year, said her favorite time to listen to the device is when she’s following up on paperwork at home. She received the white player as a birthday gift last October from her husband, former President Clinton, she said.

Clinton discussed her iPod preferences with the Post earlier this month, before a speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; the newspaper ran its story about her playlist on Monday.

In the Washington speech, Clinton said: “The culture in which we’re raising children really argues against hard work. It’s a culture that has a premium on instant gratification.”

“I grew up in a home with one TV set,” said Clinton. “Now, we’ve got children in … middle class and upper middle class homes that, you know, they have TV’s in their rooms, they have computers with the Internet in their rooms, they have iPods. I mean, they are totally connected.”

Clinton said she later apologized to her daughter, Chelsea, for the comments.