Sen. Collins and the tax bill


I was just wondering how the new tax bill will affect Sen. Susan Collins. Will she get to take advantage of the breaks for millionaires?

Seems like a lot of CEOs are saying that the extra money they get will go to stockholder dividends and CEO pay and not to worker wages and more infrastructure.

What a shock.

Ronald Pineau, Jay

  • FrankE

    Oh No, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell both agree that the tax windfall going to the top 1% will allow these CEO’s to reinvest and provide more jobs. In actuality Susan Collins and the rest of the political clowns in Washington can expect huge windfalls of their own in campaign contributions in upcoming elections. That’s all that matters, keeping the cash flowing in at the expense of the working class and even lower.
    Hold on to your hats folks, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid reforms are next. They have to pay for those tax cuts somehow. Paul Ryan has been chomping at the bit for years to do away with what he refers to as “Entitlements”. In Republican lingo, the word reform can be used for eliminate. The Republicans won’t be happy until everyone is off those nasty entitlement programs………