Senior Exhibition


Does the Senior Exhibition have a purpose? From Ms. Judith Lashman’s point of view, it does. Ms. Lashman is the overseer of the project, and keeps a close eye on all the seniors to make sure they get it done on time. I interviewed Ms. Lashman about the subject, as well as a couple of other students. What are some of the expectations for the Senior Exhibition? “It is an event to prove that students have learned and how kids can learn to be clear communicators and researchers, getting them ready for college,” states LHS librarian Lashman. One question that inspired an interesting answer from Ms. Lashman, “Do you think Senior Exhibition is more about knowledge or effort?” “Knowledge is a big part because you have to know a little about what you are researching. Effort is also good because the more you do, the more you learn in a roundabout way.”

The couple of students whotook the survey, whose names will remain anonymous, have some different feeling about the purpose and overall goal of Senior Exhibition. I asked them how they thought this project would benefit their future. One of the students said, “It will help because a lot of students are doing topics which they plan to go into in later life.” The other student agreed that the paper will get them ready for college.

I also asked what their personal opinion on Senior Exhibition was. One of the students said, “I don’t like it because it takes time out of your personal life, and with school it is tough.” The other student thought that it should be an option rather than a graduation requirement because it puts too much pressure on seniors.

Overall, it was interesting for the juniors to watch the seniors during their presentations.