Senior retreat


Senior year at St. Dominic RHS is much like everywhere else; there is much stress and exhaustion in the air as we prepare for college, take the SAT’s, do projects, take exams, and scrounge for recommendations. However, there is one major event that is different, it is a “graduation must,” and that is senior retreat. It’s nothing to lose one’s head over, but it can be a trying time. It has been a part of the St. Dom’s education for decades and is generally a good time. Of course retreat is filled with religious ideas, talks, and activities, but it is all done for the benefit of the students.

During one of the most stressful times of the year, the senior class is hauled off to a destination far from everything and spends two days together under the supervision of supportive and caring teachers. When we had some spare moments, most of it was either spent outside playing football, Frisbee, hackey sac, or lacrosse; or inside playing pool, ping-pong, or cards. However, when it was time to get down to business, that time was spent bonding and learning about one another. Every activity from “the wailing wail” to skits acting out verses from the Bible was able to help us laugh and come together.

By the end of the night, all the seniors and supervising adults were clumped into one central, decently sized room. A circle was formed and the final sharing portion of the night began. There is no denying the amount of emotion felt by each one of us that was present that night and it was because of those hours together that my class was able to grow together in strength and community.

Retreat is a time to learn from and bond with one’s classmates. There is no telling exactly what will happen at any given retreat, but to not take part in it would be a shame. Whether you walk away with a good experience or bad experience is all about choice.