Where’s the sense?


The June 30 edition of the Sun Journal was another mixed bag. Leonard Pitts was his usual articulate, sensible self. He is a genius for getting it right.

On the other hand, two Maine citizens allegedly did some terrible things, resulting in great tragedies. A woman, babysitting a toddler, allegedly caused the poor child’s death. Her bail was set very high – a good thing for the safety of the community.

And in Rumford, a man reportedly stabbed his wife with the admitted goal of killing her and then himself. The prosecutor, understandably, requested a high bail to keep the man behind bars. The judge, instead, ordered a lower bail. How, on God’s green Earth, does that make sense?

When the victim, Tracey White, gets out of the hospital, there could easily be two needless obituaries in the paper.

If I ever were to turn to a life of crime (of which there is a fat chance), I know exactly which judge to ask for.

Anne S. Ceplikas, Auburn