Serving the people


There has been a terrible misunderstanding between the Good Shepherd Food-Bank and I Care Ministries. As a third party, I have witnessed both sides.

I have directly supported and funded Good Shepherd Food-Bank for several years.

Pastor Hafford of I Care Ministries is a former board member of Good Shepherd Food-Bank and was a close friend of JoAnne Pike, founder of Good Shepherd Food-Bank. I Care Ministries has served the people in this area and neighboring towns for more than 12 years. Hafford is sincere and serious when serving people. Offering privacy from his office, he will listen to people’s needs.

Being a social worker, I have worked with families who practice different religions. I have witnessed that I Care Ministries has never refused helping anyone or caused religious pressure.

Pastor Hafford has a sincere, heart-felt love for all mankind, no matter what religion, creed or sexual-orientation. The same heart that JoAnne Pike possessed when she started to feed hungry people.

I have heard many changes have taken place since Pike has gone to be with the Lord. It appears to me, that “it’s all business now.”

Pike expressed agape love to all and therein lies the solution to all disagreements.

Claire Welch, Millinocket