Several newspaper tubes and mailboxes bashed


FARMINGTON – Several mailboxes and newspaper tubes were destroyed on Fairbanks Road, both ends of the South Strong Road and the Freeman Road in Strong on Wednesday and Thursday night, according to a Farmington Police spokeswoman.

Eight incidents were reported Thursday and two on Friday, with an estimated $500 worth of damage, she said. By late Friday morning, police had received several more calls about mailboxes, as well as a report of an outboard motor that had been thrown from a lawn into the road. A Fairbanks Road resident had the motor for sale on his lawn, the spokeswoman said, but an estimate of damage was not yet available. The boxes are not only being struck, but also are taking a real beating, as they have been stomped and smashed, she said.

Anyone with information should contact the Farmington Police at 778-6311.