Share Shack opens for Jay residents


JAY — The Transfer Station started accepting items Tuesday for a Share Shack for Jay residents.

The town has been considering setting up a place to share good items instead of throwing them away or recycling them at the Transfer Station for a while, selectperson Board Chairman Steve McCourt said Monday night.

The Share Shack is in a closed-in area on the far right of the Recycling Building. There is a door with a sign hung above it.

Highway foreman John Johnson, who also oversees the Transfer Station, went over a list of rules for the Share Shack with selectpersons.

There will be eight or nine tables set up for people to put items that will be accepted.

On Tuesday, there was a wheelchair in the shack.

Upholstered furniture and other upholstered items and bedding will not be accepted due to the possibility of bedbugs, he said. No items that have Freon in them, such as refrigerators, will be accepted unless the $10 disposal fee is paid, he said.

Books and toys in good condition will be accepted, he said.

The shack will not be staffed, he said.

The attendant who is not out collecting trash and recyclables in town is the only person who will be there. He has other duties but will check on the shack as much as possible, Johnson said.

If an item has been at the shack for five days, it will be thrown out, he said. No tires will be accepted.

Residents will be allowed to shop for 15 minutes, he said.

The only cost to the town will be leaving the lights on in the area, he said.

He will look to see if the Salvation Army or Planet Aid would put a container at the Transfer Station for used clothes, he said. He said he doesn’t know if the gates to the Transfer Station being locked when it is not open will be a problem for people authorized to pick up the contents of those boxes.

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Jay Transfer Station Share Shack

All items must be clean and in good condition.

Items are not to be taken for resale or yard sales.

Examples of acceptable items are:

  • Wooden furniture, coffee or end tables;
  • Bed frames;
  • Housewares, such as dishes, silverware, plastic ware, pots, pans, glasses;
  • Tools, hammers;
  • Building materials such as bundles of unused shingles, unused nuts and bolts, nails;
  • Kids’ corner items such as toys in good condition, puzzles (complete);
  • Books, magazines, movies (no adult content); and
  • Bicycles in good condition.

Examples of unacceptable items are:

  • Anything upholstered;
  • Freon-containing devices (without paying disposal fee);
  • Tires;
  • Computers, TVs, appliances;
  • Clothing, shoes or bedding;
  • Pillows, rugs;
  • Propane grills/tanks;
  • Stuffed animals;
  • Box springs, mattresses;
  • Outdoor equipment not in running condition; and
  • Outdated car seats or baby equipment.