If a sheep, be black


My “rain fee” notice arrived, stating my property taxes were cut. It’s a whopping $6 less this year.

What happened to the $50 tax cut that the mayor and his cronies spouted about?

The notice also threatened an $88 property tax increase if I didn’t go along with the fee.

They claimed they cut $1.9 million from the budget, but they had a $1 million surplus? Where did the other $900,000 go?

And what about that million dollar surplus used to bail out the Colisee?

So, the Colisee is more important than clean water, according to City Administrator Jim Bennett?

Of course, the councilor who owns the company that provides security there had nothing to gain by voting in favor of the bailout, right? Yeah, right.

The rain fee is about as stupid as the governor’s tax on satellite dishes receiving signals through the air around Maine.

So here’s the choice for the people of Lewiston, and Maine as a whole, because sooner or later the rain fee is coming to all towns: Take a stand and fight city hall by not paying it, or continue to be led around like sheep.

There seems to be a lot of sheep in Maine. The last election showed that.

I’ll end up in Androscoggin County Jail before the city council gets its seven pieces of silver from me.

One more thing: if people are sheep, at least be black ones. Pay in pennies.

Michael Goodwin, Lewiston