Sheriff addresses Lovell Crime Watch


LOVELL – The Lovell Neighborhood Crime Watch will meet at 6:30 p.m. May 24, June 21 and Aug. 23 at New Suncook School.

Roxanne Craig introduced Sheriff Lloyd “Skip” Herrick at the April 26 meeting. Accompanying him were Sgt. Matt Baker, and Deputy Tim Harriman.

Herrick encourages residents to keep a watchful eye. He said the information sent in enables them to do a better job. He indicated that drugs are frequently the cause of many crimes. He encouraged nosy neighbors. It was emphasized that single and older people should be given extra help.

Harriman gave a report as did Baker. They emphasized the necessity that people report anything and everything that seems suspicious and reiterated the need for locking cars and homes.

The town has received street signs that will be placed at town entry points and busy intersections. Remaining signs can be purchased at their cost, $30, from Roxanne Craig, 925-3295, checks can be made payable to the town of Lovell. The Web site is Herrick gave out flyers and window stickers.

It was proposed that the group have a booth at the Lovell Old Home Days. Volunteers are needed to hand out information.