Ship of hope has sunk


After World War II, we all climbed aboard the Great Ship of Hope and pulled America together.

Then the Democrats came on board in 1960 and America started to change. Blacks wanted rights and busing was ordered in the southern states, putting America in debt due to busing students thousands of unnecessary miles. That put a burden on all Americans.

The great American ship started to take on water.

A Democratic president took office in the 1970s, destroying jobs, driving up gasoline prices. Americans stood in lines to buy gasoline to get to work, if they still had jobs.

In the 1980s, Democrats struck again, with high fuel prices and the loss of more jobs.

In the 1990s, the Democrats struck again and the housing market fell, creating more jobless Americans. The Ship of Hope was really taking on water.

On Sept. 11, 2001, the Ship of Hope took a big hit and a big storm on the horizon and President George W. Bush tried to guide the ship to safety.

Then Democrats got control of the House in 2007 and pulled the plug on the Ship of Hope, raising fuel prices up to $4 per gallon. Families lost jobs and homes.

History tells us the Democratic party has destroyed the American dream. The Great Ship of Hope is now at the bottom, with millions of Americans homeless and jobless.

I ask all Americans to support my friends in Wasilla, Alaska, to build a new Ship of Hope.

Leo Turner, Roxbury