Short takes on the week’s news


Really? You drive a Jeep and that’s not manly enough to prevent you from kicking and punching an elderly man’s car?

On Monday morning in Wilton, the driver of a black and blue Jeep tailgated an elderly driver on routes 2 and 4, leaning on the horn and flashing his lights until the victim pulled over into a store parking lot, giving the Jeep an opportunity to pass along.

But the Jeep’s driver didn’t do that. He followed the frightened man into the parking lot, hopped out of his car and started kicking and punching the older man’s car, and threatened to hurt that man.

If this is a Jeep “thing,” we don’t understand. Jeers, Jeepster.

Cheers to the Winthrop Area Ministerial Association for publicly denouncing the painting of a large swastika on a street in Winthrop.

Police don’t think the location of the painting had anything to do with the proximity of a nearby Jewish family’s home, but it’s impossible to miss the hate.

The association will host an interfaith service at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday at the Winthrop United Methodist Church on Main Street, a move praised by the Holocaust and Human Rights Center as a “swift and united response” of zero tolerance.

If the weather is good, and it is expected to be, the service will be held outdoors, allowing a great many Mainers to attend and stand together in peace.

Jeers to the Bangor City Council for dismissing Black Bear Entertainment’s friendly request for support of its Oxford County casino project.

The city of Bangor, which benefits from the presence of Hollywood Slots, depended on the entire state of Maine to approve the gambling house’s construction. Now that Bangor has what it wants, it’s not about to help the people of Oxford County with their plan.

According to the Bangor Daily News, in their resolve against the casino, “Bangor officials stated that the proposed rules for the Oxford County complex are not consistent with current Maine gaming legislation and the proposed tax structure for the facility would be detrimental to the state.”

Didn’t other officials across the state say the same thing when Bangor was lobbying to build Hollywood Slots? When voters approved the racino in Bangor, they were agreeing to radically change Maine’s gaming laws in place at that time.

And, now Bangor wants to prevent someone else from doing exactly what it did? Proving, once again, that all politics is local. And mean. Greedy, even.

See Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Conference Quarterfinals on Wednesday? The guy tending the Montreal Canadiens’ net, with 41 saves, was Jaroslav Halak. A former Lewiston Maineiacs player.

His work in the crease ended the Washington Capitals’ season, cutting them out of the playoffs.

Halak, who played in Lewiston for the 2004-05 season, was a standout at the Colisee and is now considered one of the stars of goaltending in the National Hockey League.

Cheers, Halak. And cheers to the Maineiacs for its part in building Halak’s skills.

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