Shortsighted strategies


When will the citizens of Auburn realize that freezing and cutting taxes will never provide a sensible and sustained solution for the city’s financial challenges?

Our current pursuit of an arbitrary million dollar hit list serves only to give a free pass to many businesses and homeowners that can very well afford to pay their fair share.

Auburn is once again considering a number of shortsighted economic strategies that may well result in increased problems and escalating costs down the road.

Potential school budget reductions will invariably diminish opportunities for our children, reduce the quality of our workforce, and deter the very families who might otherwise seek out Auburn as a place to live, work and do business.

Proposals to dismantle an existing curb-side recycling program and to discontinue a spring cleanup program are the height of shortsighted folly.

Finally, any plan to remove school resource officers from the schools so that we can “save” $40,000, would truly take the prize for this type of “pennywise and pound foolish” silliness.


It’s time for Auburn families to look within their own budgets and spending priorities to find that extra monthly dollar amount that represents a fair share of maintaining quality services and programs.

If it boils down to further service cuts vs. paying enough to sustain our city at current levels, please go ahead and raise my taxes.

“Getting by instead of getting better” is not a slogan that Auburn citizens should ever be willing to accept.

Richard Byard, Auburn