Sights unseen: 84 Lisbon Street in Lewiston


The  building at 84 Lisbon St.  in Lewiston may finally get a facelift.  The top floors were believed to be a boarding house, but little more is known about that part of the structure which consists mostly of  small, one bedroom units packed together with a few nice touches.  From what is known, the first floor has always been a bank or offices. 

In 1999 the city bought it with plans to take it down to make room for Courthouse Plaza.   The space was not needed and the city sold it to LA Arts in 2001.  The arts agency spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars in the infrastructure with hopes to turn it into an art gallery and office space.  Fundraising fell short and the building was  surrendered to the city in 2006. 

Last month DaVinci’s owner Jules Patry bought the building from the city with plans to renovate the upper floors for residential space and use the street-level of the building for commercial space.