Signs on Summer Street


I am the father of the girl that was allegedly nearly hit by a minivan driving down Summer Street in Lewiston (Sun Journal, July 17). I would clarify she was standing next to an adult, who was watching her when this incident happened. She was not in the street, but was held by this adult on the curb when the minivan sped up the street.

We’ve tried to get signs for the neighborhood indicating a proper speed or to watch for children. With more than 20 kids on just our block of Summer Street, I think signs are imperative.

In the past five years that we’ve lived here, the high speed traffic has only gotten worse. People often treat Summer Street like it’s a speedway.

The important thing is there are many concerned residents on Summer Street who have been diligent about keeping their kids safe in our neighborhood. All too often, though, we have to compete with drivers who are rushing home, or to work and passing through our neighbourhood.

These are people who drive while talking on cellular phones, cruise with music so loud it shakes our house windows, people who seem to feel they have the right to be negligent while operating a piece of machinery weighing thousands of pounds and act like they own the roads of Lewiston.

I know this problem isn’t just in Lewiston, it’s everywhere, all over this country. It’s something that must change.

Buck Curran, Lewiston