No ‘silver bullet’


The nation faces two overwhelming challenges, each unprecedented in history — peak oil and changing climate.

The U.S. may have reached peak oil, or it may come in another few years. In either case, it will take the energy equivalent of a barrel to get a barrel out of the ground — not sustainable. Although there may be oil left , it is harder to extract, of lower quality and comes at a greater cost.

Changing climate is part of world history, but indisputably the change rate has greatly accelerated in the past 200 years. It is imperative that we adapt to, and mitigate, these results. We cannot delay.

There is no “silver bullet,” rather, we must seek the “silver buckshot,” utilizing all forms of alternative energy, one being onshore wind.

The objections are twofold. When those objections are exaggerated, untrue and without merit, the truth must be presented. Mountaintops are not blasted. There is no medical literature supporting claims of negative health effects.

Second, the view will be changed, that turbines are visible, make noise and cause flicker. Such complaints must be weighed against the devastating effects of the changing climate.

It is understandable, but not realistic, that people like to keep things the way they were. The climate is changing, and our very way of life will change as a result.

Our duty is to make these changes as tolerable as possible by supporting the development of wind power, a resource that is immediately available.

Richard Jennings, Fayette