Singling out a group is wrong


I am very upset the governor of this state wants to tax cigarettes yet again. I feel this is singling out a group, which I feel is wrong of our goverment. What about the alcoholics out there doing damage, or the people overdosing on medications that aren’t prescribed to them? Our goverment should be working on these issues, and not their selfish political views of how we should lead our lives.

It’s been said that you are exposed to more pollutants from pumping gas and the dust in the air from big factories. I know people in perfect health over age 70 who smoke three packs a day, yet live a good clean life. I know several people who have quit, and have died 15 to 20 years later from something else always related to smoking. Yes, smoking is going to affect some badly; and yet drinking is also going to affect some badly, and even kill.

I feel violated when the goverment of this state singles out a group for tax purposes, yet doesn’t seem to recognize another group that may be doing more harm. I feel as though my rights as a U.S. citizen, with the right to choose, are being violated.

Let’s leave minorities alone and work on the real issues facing goverment.

Pamela Sturtevant, Auburn