Sisters of Charity honor volunteers


AUBURN – Sisters of Charity Health System volunteers were honored recently at the annual recognition dinner at the River Watch Ballroom at Auburn’s Hilton Garden Inn.

Volunteer guests of honor included Lewiston residents Dorothy “Dot” Doyle, Gerald Cloutier and Myrna Demers. Auburn resident Irma McGuinness was also recognized at the event. McGuinness was thanked for her volunteer work and for matching grants from her employer; she is the director of human resources of Wal-Mart in Auburn.

James Cassidy, president and chief executive officer, Sisters of Charity Health System, and Kevin Healey, vice president, human resources, and Patrick Williams, director of safety and volunteer services, paid special tribute to the volunteers for having contributed more than 35,000 hours of service in calendar year 2005.

Sally Brochu, pastoral care director, delivered a reflection addressing the concept of “Volunteers as Healers.” This year’s event was hosted and organized by Kathleen Kuritz, volunteer services coordinator for Sister of Charity Health System.

Among the 200 plus attendees, the following volunteers were recognized for varying levels of total service hours as of Dec. 31, 2005:

22,000 hours: Palma Bourgoin.

16,000 hours: Laurianne Cormier.

15,000 hours: Dot Doyle.

13,000 hours: Marthe Rivard.

11,000 hours: Anita Turgeon.

10,000 hours: Millie Roy.

8,000 hours: Eveline Michaud and Murielle Turmenne.

5,000 hours: Lorraine Samson.

4,000 hours: Emile Caron, Germaine LaMontagne and Irene Lanois.

3,000 hours: Gerald Cloutier, Adolphe Gagnon and Helen Langelier.

2,000 hours: Amy Audet, Shirley Beaule, Fern Dodge, Gisele Durocher, Donna Palmer, Connie Pleau and Jim Wohlrab.

1,000 hours: Julie Bannister, Anita Chamberlain, Cathy Collins, Sue Cornelius, Gilda Dennis, Lucille Hobbs and Jeannine Laplume.

Volunteers include adults and student. The system is recruiting adult and college-age volunteers to participate in traditional programs as well as in new initiatives such as the American Cancer Society Resource Center located at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center. Those who would like to become a volunteer may call Volunteer Services at 777-8368.