Skilled woodworkers requested to respond


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Would you know of anyone in the Wilton, Farmington or Livermore Falls areas who works on grandfather clocks? Also, do you know of anyone who strips furniture and does caning? — No Name, Wilton

ANSWER: There are many clock repairers in Maine, but none that Sun Spots could find in the area you specify. In her Rolodex she has Harry Hepburn III of Harrison, 583-2821. In Auburn, Rohman Clockworks is at 350 Minot Ave., 784-1211. Perhaps readers will have other suggestions.

As for your furniture, Sun Spots had two pieces worked on at New Look Refinishing (Wings Mills Road, Mt. Vernon, 685-4540), which is near her home, and was pleased with the results. There are undoubtedly similar establishments closer to your home; Sun Spots just doesn’t know who they are. She hopes they will write to the column.

As for caners, she found Able to Cane (, 439 Main St., Warren, 615-8373) online. Readers may know of someone nearer.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Hopefully someone can help. I have been trying to find someone to make matching spindles for my staircase. I need someone with a double wood lathe. I may be reached at 418-7900. Thanks. — Leeny, Dixfield, [email protected]

ANSWERS: Again, Sun Spots hopes readers can help. If anyone would like to be included in Sun Spots’ Rolodex of woodworkers, she hopes they will write.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thanks for your help in the past. In cleaning our basement, we rediscovered a box lot of yearbooks that were bought at auction. They include Lakes Region High School, Naples 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974; also, Casco Loggers yearbooks, one edition 1955, two editions 1958, one edition 1959 and two editions 1961; additionally, one edition of 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1969.

Anyone interested in any of these books, please contact us. If no response, they will be discarded. Fifty-year reunions are coming up for many of these classes and having a spare book is helpful to organizers. — Carole Pike, [email protected], 897-7074

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Lewiston High School Class of 1971 has begun planning in earnest for its 40th reunion on Saturday, Aug. 20. Classmates interested in attending can update their addresses by contacting me. The class also has a page on Facebook where members can post messages. — Mary-Margaret “Mamie” Anthoine Ney, [email protected], 229-0989

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My aunt needs the foot rest attachment for her wheelchair. She didn’t need it at first, BUT now she does. She bought it as is from a private sale. The name on it says Advantage, Everest & Jennings. Would anyone in the L-A area have one to spare? I can pick up in L-A. Any help would be very much appreciated. Please call 784-2393 and leave a message. Thank you so much. — No Name via email

DEAR SUN SPOTS: With many of our large fundraisers behind us, Loaves & Fishes wants to thank all the people who have participated either as donors or volunteers in our card party, bake sale, raffle and spaghetti dinner. Some of those fundraisers were the most successful ever.

Thanks also to those who have collected food for our pantry and for general donations and grants. In this economy, it is heartwarming to see people give of their time and resources to help the needy.

We also wish to thank people who continue to help with bottle returns and those who shop at and donate to our summer garage sales. We are so grateful for your generosity. — Sister Lucille Fournier and Claudette Therriault, Loaves & Fishes, Sabattus

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